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User Registration (Electric Screwdrivers)

Thank you for choosing VESSEL electric screwdrivers.
You can extend the warranty period from 1 year to 3 years by User Registration.

3-Year Warranty

VESSEL repairs your VE series electric screwdriver at free of charge during the warranty period if the breakdown or the damage is due to the spontaneous failure provided that it has been under normal use, following the instruction manual.

This warranty does not cover breakdowns or damages, due to errors in operation, drop-down, shock, dust, wet with water, remodeling, disassembly, disasters such as fire, earthquake, flood, including but not limited to, or external factors such as electrical surges, including but not limited to, which are not attributable to the manufacturer. Accessories, peripheral devices are also out of this policy.

* Please consult us for more details about this warranty policy applicable in other countries than Japan.
* The 3-year warranty covers the electric screwdriver only.
* Accomplish your registration within 60 days after purchase.

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< Information for those who purchased 6 units or more >
The maximum number of products that can be registered at the same time is 5 units. If you have more units to be registered, please repeat the same registration procedure for such items or communicate the other model code(s) and the serial number(s) in the above "Comments" box.