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New Product “Slim Long Bit Holder, Slim Long Bit Holder DX”(23/03/16)

Longer bits such as 200mm, 300mm, and 500mm have been more and more demanded these days than before. They are used for tightening screws in hard-to-reach high places or deep places, but they have a disadvantage in terms of cost because they must be replaced when the tip-end is damaged by heavy-load work.

For this reason, various manufacturers also sold bit holders for extensions under the name of long bit holders or extension bit holders, which allow ordinary bits for everyday use to be attached to the tip of the bit holder.

“We received requests from users for “”a slim and lightweight bit holder”” so that it can be inserted and removed smoothly without getting caught in narrow gaps and for “”a bit holder that prevents the center runout due to the shaft bending”.
As a result, we developped the Slim Long Bit Holder series that have the features as below:

(1) the outer diameter of the sleeve chuck is Φ13mm, making it the industry’s thinnest model;

(2) by adopting a pull-type bit attachment, the bit will not come out due to contact with the surroundings when pulling out from a narrow space;

(3) for securing the sufficient strength to prevent bending in spite of lightweight design, the Extra Superalloy steel with a good reputation is used for the hexagonal shaft shank;

(4) the shank is designed to be round type dia.8mm, which prevents bending, from the view that the longer shank tends to generate the loss in the torque transmission; and

(5) at the same time, a rotating grip is equipped so that the shank is firmly held by a hand in order to stabilize the fastening work even though the shank is long and the tip-end is farther from the power tool.”


In addition, its good torque transferability allows the use of various tip tools such as socket bits, drills, and grinding wheels, which require a heavy load on the tip, and also allows the use of cutting edges such as Torx and Hex, for which long bit types are not commercially available, thereby expanding the range of use.



<Common Features>
*Industry's thinnest sleeve chuck with a diameter Φ13mm, which prevents snagging in tight spaces.
*Pull-type sleeve chuck prevents bits from falling out of the chuck.
*Aluminum sleeve with anodized finish for superior corrosion resistance. Color-coded for different sizes.
*Compatible with 40V rechargeable impact tools.
*Convenient because this can be used with hexagonal grinding wheels and brushes other than double-ended bits and sockets for screw tightening.

<Slim and long bit holder>
*Adopts a thick shank with a round shaft Φ8mm. No flexure. Suppresses torque loss.
* With a rotating grip to hold the shaft at hand. Tightening work can be done in a stable position.
*The shaft is made of special alloy steel for industrial use and fully hardened.



*Slim Long Bit Holder
Bit insert: 6.35mm Sleeve chuck outer dia.13mm Shank: Hex 6.35mm
EXH-100 OAL:100mm JAN 4907587031501
EXH-150 OAL:150mm JAN 4907587031518 
EXH-200 OAL:200mm JAN 4907587031525
EXH-250 OAL:250mm JAN 4907587031532

*Slim Long Bit Holder DX
Bit insert: 6.35mm Sleeve chuck outer dia.13mm Shank: Rounf dia.8mm Equipped with a rotating grip
DXH-100 OAL:250mm JAN 4907587031549
DXH-150 OAL:350mm JAN 4907587031556
DXH-200 OAL:450mm JAN 4907587031563
DXH-250 OAL:600mm JAN 4907587031570



*Screws in and out of high places, such as ceiling hanging fixtures
*Downward work such as folding-plate roof construction
*Automobile maintenance
*Assembly of furniture (beds, boxes, etc.)
*Pipe polishing using a flap wheel with a 6.35 mm hexagonal shaft, etc.