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Cross-flow Ionizing Fan No.CF300-E 

A wide selection of models and delivering ions with fan

* Superior ionizing performance accomplished with the cross flow fan that sends out ions evenly and widely on the wind and the front cover design that takes the ion flow into consideration. Volume operation allows the non-step adjustment of wind flow.
* Slide-type cleaning brush is mounted on the front cover to perform maintenance of needle electrodes at any time. On the bottom surface of the main body, a rough filter is used, which is easy to clean and replace.
* Monitoring functions of fan motor rotation monitoring function and high voltage output shut-down function.


Model Body Size(mm) Weight(g) Applied voltage Power supply Current consumption
Noise level (dBA) Fan speed (max)(m3/min) EDP No.


348 x 165 x 157 2900 AC9.2kV(p-p) DC24V +/- 10% 500 48 2.5 621657

Ionizing method : AC high frequency corona discharge

Decay Time (sec.) : Within 1.5 sec

Ion balance : Within +/- 10V

Item PKG (mm)
365 x 245 x 125

* AC adapter AD24-IT-EX (100 to 240V AC)
* AC cable(1.8m)
* Cleaning brush


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