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SAKISUBO Slim Torsion Bit(16/11/28)


Background of Development


A slim bit is popular in the woodworking and interior works because the tip of the bit is visible and easy-to-handle.

However, more and more powerful electric screwdrivers have been launched in the market. Accordingly, problems that have never occured before with the conventional slim bits have been more recognized; a stronger torque is imposed on the screw at the time of fastening; the tip is chipped or twisted if the conventional slim bits are used; the final fastening is not realized, and so on.

VESSEL has developped a new Slim Bit "SAKISUBO" Slim Torsion Bits against these problems.

Highly hard and ductile DIE HARD steel is adopted to this new bit series. This material solves the weaknesses that the high hardness bits are strong but tend to chip easily, and that, in addition, this bit series is designed to have a duplex torsion function, which prevent the bits from breakage.

SAKISUBO Slim Torsion Bits are now available for long coarse thread screws, drilling screws, tex screws, etc.





● New material DIE HARD steel is adopted: high hardness (HRC62), durable, and ductile bits don't twist or chip.


● Double torsion function absorbs the impact when fastening. The number of bit breakage reduces dramatically.


● Slim tip type bits can fit screws deep in the screw head.  Visible and easy to handle.


● Can be used with more powerful electric impact tools.


● Good for long coarse thread screws, drilling screws which receive big impact at the time of fastening, Tex screws, and so on.


● Remarkable durability: approx. 7 times more durable when using drilling screws; approx. 3 times when using coarse thread screws (as per VESSEL internal evaluation test). Offers cost effectiveness.


● 6 kinds of 2-pc set or 5-pc set: +1x65mm, +1x110mm, +2x65mm, +2x82mm, +2x110mm, and +2x150mm.




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