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Conclude Sponsor Support Agreement for Asia Cross Country Rally(16/05/23)




VESSEL Co., Inc. announced that, as a joint main sponsor, it supports Asia Cross Country Rally 2016 which is held from Saturday, August 13th to Friday, August 19th, 2016.


Asia Cross Country Rally (commonly known as Asian Rally), officially approved by The Federation International Automobile (FIA) and Federation International Motorcyclism (FIM) same as Dakar Rally, is the biggest cross country rally event in Asia. It is held every August with a course from the base located in the Kingdom of Thailand through mountainous area, jungles, beach sides, plantations, and circuits under a wide variety of road, weather and natural conditions in Asia.


The course and transit countries of the rally are changed every year. The 21st event for 2016 starts from Pattaya,the Kingdom of Thailand, and finishes at Angkor Wat,the Kingdom of Cambodia.


VESSEL logo mark will be shown on all vehicles participating in the rally, and will be appealing to every participant and audience. We will optimize this opportunity to appeal our brand and tools for maintenance effectively to participants, audience, and others. In addition, we will offer our products as prizes to winners and participants to support teams that participate in the event.


VESSEL Co., Inc. will celebrate the 100th anniversary of business in 2016. In order to establish global awareness of “VESSEL” brand, we keep implementing sales and public relations activities for the enhancement in brand presence in ASEAN countries.



Event Outline


● Name of Event: The 21st FEDERAL-VESSEL Asia Cross Country Rally 2016


● Organizer: Ortev Thailand, R1 Japan


● Support: Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)

   Ministry of Tourism, Cambodia

   National Olympic Committee of Cambodia (NOCC)

   Pattaya City, Thailand

   Siem Reap City, Cambodia


● Event schedule:Saturday, 13th  August, 2016 - Friday, 19th August, 2015


● Venue: Pattaya - Chanthaburi - Banhat Lek - Thai/Cambodia Border - Koh Kong -
Sihanoukville - Phnom Penh - Siem Reap - Angkor Wat


● Total distance: About 2,400Km


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