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No.G2-E Ion Air Gun(15/09/24)

Background of development



Now gun type ionizers are widely used for electrostatic prevention or removal, or dust removal from products, neutralization on trays or packing material... These are conducted by an operator, and thus a model which seeks

for user-friendliness is always requested.


In order to meet such demand to the max extent, VESSEL

has developped and released new gun type ionizer G2-E.

The G2-E enables to determine the wiring direction of air

hose and AC adaptor cable, either upward to be hung from

a balancing tool by fixing these cabels along the groove

on the body, or downward.

This is to help our customers not spend extra costs

for installation of 2 plugs, and/or complicating wiring.


Also the G2-E is designed to have its nozzle slightly

downward inevitably when you hold it by hand.

This makes the smooth operation as an operator does

not need to change the holding positionon the grip at

the time of ion emission.


The G2-E has other features such as palm-fit grip based

on soft resin material, durability of cable, and so on,

for better workability.







●AC corona discharge
●Wiring upward or downward

There are grooves along which the cable and air hose can be fixed, enabling the G2-E to hang from above. Very good for a work on a cell production table.

●Easy-to-hold handle
The body is made of polycarbonate, light and durable. The grip surface is made of elastomer, non-slip, and easy-to-hold.
●LED lamp for operation status on the upper side of the body. 


Operation ON Indication: Pulling the trigger, the operation is ON and the lamp lights in blue.

High Voltage Alarm: When a built-in transformer detects high voltage error and compulsory stop the operation, the lamp lights in red for alarm indication.

●Small and Light-weight

Safe design (e.g. no need to wire a high voltage cable, a buit-in high frequency piezoelectric transformer...)   Light-weight and small model for easy operation.


●Easy maintenance 

 Replacement of an electrode needle can be easily conducted by using a dedicated screwdriver (available as option).


RoHS/CE compatible


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