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No.AF-90 Anti-Fatigue Mat(15/03/13)

Background of Development

Standing work tiredness in workers’ legs and lower backs especially

in clean rooms, assembly lines, and cell production in electronic

component assembling plants. The burdens on legs caused by

standing for long periods will lead to decrease work efficiency.

This new anti-fatigue conductive mat (No.AF-90) lessens fatigue

in these situations.


The color grey enables workers to detect dirt and dust contamination

easily when used under clean environment. For the ESD preventive floor, the mat works efficiently by simply putting on the floor. Moreover,embossment on the surface serves as a cushion, alleviate the fatigue of legs and backs, and provide the comfort which makes you feel like jumping up.



・Easy detect impurity

The color light gray facilitates the detection of dirt or dust that may cause the conductive failure. 

Even in operation, the effect reduces the faults by static electricity as well.


・Air pocket cushion

Air pockets on the reverse side of the embossment part on the surface serve as a cushion,

absorb shocks, spread the load, and alleviate the fatigue of legs and backs.


・Stable Conductivity Performance

Conductivity rating is 1.0x109 or below. Keeps steady conductive performance,

and prevents static charge from causing the faults in assembly.


・Compact and space saving design

900x600mm compact size is ideal for the cell product benches and creates enough room.



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