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No.GT-HPS160 POWER SCALER(14/12/10)

Background of Development


In the arc welding, which uses weld rods, and the semiautomatic welding, which uses CO2 gas, slags which stick on bead surfaces are removed by tools such as needle scalers, grinders, sanders and chisels, because the slags deteriorate the appearance or the finishing of the products.


The sheet metal work requires precise skills on work to produce stands and covers for containers and equipment or to make frames by welding L-shaped angles, pipes and pieces of iron. In addition, the requirement to top finish is very severe because the product is relatively small.


POWER SCALER GT-HPS160 which is now on sale has been developed with a target of treating welding marks of sheet metal.


In a reflection of local input that spread needles damage the surrounding of the welding marks and that a pistol-type is not appropriate to use at recesses, the GT-HPS160 is superior to usability and functionality by unrelenching pursuit of user-friendliness.







1.New shape close to straight enables to operate smoothly even at recesses without breaking your wrist.

2.Since the barycenter is at the front side, downward-facing work on a welding bench is easy and effortless.


3. Since needles are less widened, they reach the pin-point target correctly and increase working efficiency. 


4. You can easily replace needles without any tools.





This is useful for removing spatters and slags, scaling coatings and scouring rust off. 







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