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SEPA DORA(13/03/25)

Background of Development

These days more and more companies have been aware of importance in product development, applying environmental-friendliness as well as minimal environmental load.

From this point of view, VESSEL releases “SEPADORA” screwdrivers that are designed for not only effective use of resources but also ease-of-use as a tool.

SEPADORA has a grip covered with elastomer resin to provide elasticity and a soft feel. Cushioning material is injected at the joint with the shank, to create a shank holding method and this enables the shank and the grip to be sorted and disposed. Runners and gates generated while manufacturing the grip are recycled and used for the grip core.。




 Product Outline

* An overall elastomer layer provides a soft grip. The tip is formed with high-accuracy black point processing.

* An elastomer layer is incorporated at the grip and shank joint. The shank is securely held during use. The shank section can be pulled out for sorted disposal.

* Diverse lineup includes normal type, thin shank type, stubby type and precision type variations.



 Product Features

1. The shank (steel) and grip (plastic) can be completely separated for sorted disposal.

2. Waste materials generated during production are reused as recycled resin inside this environment-conscious product.

3. The soft resin grip provides a new type of slip-resistant grip.

4. The easy-to-read color display on the grip end realizes quick identification of the tip type and size.




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