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No.GT-C1400 Corner Impact Wrench(12/03/29)

Background of Development


High-power and compact corner impact wrench.

Vessel’s original mechanism made a light and compact impact wrench and, by pursuing more driving efficiency, realised to reduces the recoil during operation. This corner impact wrench is extremely easy to use in confined spaces.

This corner impact wrench provided you with advantages especially for manipulating large quantities of nuts in confined spaces, such as when claws on farming equipment (i.e. rotary cultivators for tractors). With sufficient power to remove even rusted nuts, this wrench will greatly improve work efficiency and greatly reduce worker’s burden.



Product Outline


●Capacity Ordinary Bolt Dia.14mm

●Square drive size 12.7mm (Retainer ring type)

●Adjust lever, Power adjustment (4 levels)

●Silencer (Can be rotated at 360°)



Product Features


●By designing the hammer section with a horizontal orientation, the impact is directly conveyed and power is not lost.

●There is little recoil onto the wrench, so worker’s hands will not shake needlessly.

●The wrench is 1.7 kg lighter than other brands with the same power class. The lightweight body greatly reduces the load during long work.

●The compact size enables work in confined spaces.

●The energy-saving design approximately halves the air consumption rate compared to other brands. Energy is not wasted with this wrench.




Perfect for manipulating screws in confined spaces, and especially suitable for replacing claws on farming equipment (rotary claws for tractors). 



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